Our company at a glance

The company with the trade name "EDEM ORANGES CRETE" began in 1951 in Fournes,Chania, from Mr. ManousakisAntonis.Oranges were its main trading product.

Over the years, having acquired quite a lot of experience in citrus production and trade, thecarton packaging facilities were created as well. Τhe company did not limit itself with oranges, but expanded its range of products with Avocado, Grapefruit and Mandarin. This is how it continues dynamically in the sectortill today, evolving without losing its traditional character or changing the quality of the product.

Our mission

To make "Edem Oranges” an exemplary modelcompany of agricultural citrus crop& marketing with a direct connectionwith humans. All this can be accomplished following ourprimary principle that the provision of high quality agricultural products is not a luxury but a need and right of every human being.

Our values
  • Transparency in everything we do
  • Commitment to all our customers
  • Integrity and reliability in all our trading

All the above mentioned are elements of ethics that governs our companywhich led us to the path of success that we walk on today.


Large fruit, of intense orange colour, with juicy flesh and excellent scent.


Medium sized fruit, seedles or with few seedsflesh and thin skin.


Spherical or oval fruit, red orangecolour. Its sweet taste and precocity boast.

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