Mandarin varieties

Many clementine types ripen from late September to February. Fruits are seedless.

Fruit of intense reddish color, rich in juice content.Late-ripening variety with high resistance to cold storage.

Medium-sized fruit with distinctive flat shape. Very late-ripening variety, with juicy and tasty flesh and many seeds.

Mandarin nutritional value

Mandarin orange resemblesthe common orange, despite being less rich in minerals. The presence of bromine salts explains its calming effect. Its dried peel is used in traditional Chinese medicine. Also, mandarin skin has healing properties, facilitates digestion and soothes anupset stomach. According to two Japanese studies, published in 2006, mandarin consumption significantly reduces the chance of liver cancer, heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Mandarin and its variants (clementine, satsuma, tangor) are all rich in carotenoids. A portion of 100 g. theoretically contains 53 calories. It is a rich source of potassium and helps lower blood pressure.


Large fruit, of intense orange colour, with juicy flesh and excellent scent.


Medium sized fruit, seedles or with few seedsflesh and thin skin.


Spherical or oval fruit, red orangecolour. Its sweet taste and precocity boast.

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